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The best part about the jersey thing is that Michael Sam is only really well known right now for his coming out. He was a 7th round draft pick which means he likely won't get any real playing time until he's been around for longer. Harry wearing that jersey wasn't him being a fan of Michael Sam for his football skills, it was one hundred percent in support of what Michael Sam has done for the LBGTQ community.


He was only 7th round draft pick because he was already out of the closet. Based on his college record and stats he should have been chosen in the first three draft rounds easy.

Ever since Chris Kluwe formerly of the Vikings started talking about homophobia in American Football on deadspin, I’ve actually been watching how US football handles this issue really really closely. 

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……people using harry supporting an openly gay male as l*rry proof…disgusting, as per usual

Instead of being happy Harry’s supporting an openly queer player you’re here whining about people using it as “evidence” Larry is real look at your self

St. Louis, MO. August 27, 2014

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RIP me.

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St. Louis, MO. August 27, 2014

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So Eleanor favourited some lyrics "Still you love to think you have always been this way" and it has been within the last five hours, According to the comments here, it's about a troubled relationship songmeanings(.)com/songs/view/3530822107858485435/. First time we're getting something like this from her end. It's also her only favourited tweet. Interesting.




Still you love to think you have always been this way… but you’re all wrong

And you love to think it will always…always…
If you still believe it will always be this way… well you’re all wrong

Okey doke.

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1D have two books that will be out on August 28, 2014 and September 25, 2014. For One Direction: Our AutoBiography you can pre-order here and for The Official Annual 2015 here.

louteasdale: Putting me in the ice freezer does not count towards the ALS charity thing

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