inspired by yourssincerelylarry post about 5sos’ stats (x) i went on fb to check 1d’s stats but something other caught my attention

look at the average ages of the fans of both pages :)

And 237,000 NEW likes in the past week.  After 4 years that’s a LOT of new fans!


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Niall Horan steps off of a private plane after touching down in Atlanta this afternoon, October 1, 2014

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Anonymous inquired:

is eleanor still in the us or did she leave? if she did, that's hilarious considering she was only here for the weekend and the single release.

haha yeah i think she left since gemma and sophia arent there anymore either and ive seen nothing about her from lou or lottie

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Harry&Louis backstage | 23.09.14

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Atlanta 1.10.14